Frequently Asked Questions

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Our lenders will require your bank account information in order to deposit your loan directly into your account. 

Yes. Due to state & federal laws, lenders are required to treat personal information with strict confidentiality. You are entitled to view your lender's privacy policy to learn more.

Most lenders do not charge a fee for paying off a Payday loan early, and some state laws even entitle you to a refund of part of your loan fee if you pay it off within a specific time. 

Payday loan extensions/postponing the loan due date varies between the lenders and according to your state. 

If you only pay part of the loan, have a late payment, or don’t pay it back, you could end up paying late fees and face collection. If you think you may miss a payment you should immediately contact the lender directly.

Lenders who are members of the Online Lenders Association (OLA) or the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA) abide by the OLA/CFSA Best Practice for rescission, which allows the borrower to rescind the transaction at no cost by returning the full amount of the loan within a specific time. Most states also have similar rescission laws.

The rates for these loans vary according to state laws and different lenders. Contact your lender for more information or click here for laws according to specific states.

The ability to have multiple loans depends on state regulations and the lenders. Follow this link to learn more.

Most lenders do not require collateral for these types of short term loans. Proof of employment and/or proof of a income/bank account may be required, depending on the lender. 

Some states have specific laws regarding the use of a Payday loan. Lenders are bound by the laws of the state within which they operate. You can access specific information regarding your state's payday loan regulations here

Yes. Most lenders work with clients with poor credit score prior to issuing a loan. 

Credit checks, consumer credit reports and other personal data may be obtained by some lenders from Experian, Equifax, Trans Union or through alternative providers although most lenders don’t require minimal FICO score.

A payday loan is a short-term solution especially designed to get you emergency cash fast - and you are typically required to pay it back on your next payday. These loans are mostly borrowed on a ACH authorization.  Payday loans are often used to cover gaps between paychecks, or meet an unexpected expense. Such loans are short term financial solutions that provide an alternative to bouncing checks, missed payments and late fees.